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With USTA your Home Inspection Report will be available within 48 hours of the home inspection.

Click on the image below to see the sample inspection report.

Sample home inspection report cover page
The Real Estate Home Inspection Process
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We are a full service Home Inspection Company,

and ultimately it's not just a home inspection.

It's a property inspection that starts at the top of the driveway and includes the grading of the land,

the vegetation on the property,

and a scan for an underground oil tank if needed.

Then we start with the roof inspection, gutter inspection, foundation inspection, and everything in between.

Once we enter the home we perform and heating and cooling (HVAC) inspection. We locate the main water and gas lines and perform the main plumbing inspection. Afterward, we perform an electrical inspection of the main panel and service lines entering the home. While we are in the basement

we perform a termite inspection along with other wood-destroying insects or organisms. The journey continues through the rest of the house with an interior inspection and ends with the attic and insulation inspection.

House cut diagram

Q: What happens After I Book a Home Inspection? 

Radon enter home image

We are a Licensed Radon testing company and we always highly recommend a Radon test to measure the concentration of radon decay products in the home especially if the previous test was more than a year ago.

Click here to learn more about the impact of radon gas and how to properly prepare for a Radon test as

put forth by the EPA.

The Home Inspection report will take you through the home in a similar manner of the outlined inspection process with images detailing each defect.

Helping you make the informed decision on your home purchase!

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